Since then,, I can remember my life is always associated with koertega.Tegelikult remember before start. Always had a dog, mitmuses.Aga singular or one of them, which began koerapisik, oli isane mittelšnautser Rolli, who was hated, and he got into the fate of our family. It later became friends aside by giant schnauzer mix male puppy named Bertu, who is trained as a child as much as I could by the books. book “dog” was my main gold asset,

1998 The role was left to rest forever, as was apparently hit by a car (I was at that time a very small and not told about it). After two years, 2003 traaglise left the death of one of us Bertu.

I searched and found a new dog in South Africa tiny place called Helme, Internet advertisement using Donna (German Shepherd-mix Dobe) who in 2004 took suvel.Kui Donna would be self-confident, and he would even now more active ,if only the family favorite 11.aastasena but now he is more than ever kõbusam.

Donna passed away 30.08.2016 rainbow bridge (09.03.2004-30.08.2016)

Donna exhibited a large dog day(2006)

2006 In the winter I started one of Estrellest dog kennel exhibition workout tegema.Kuna that dog owners had just happened to the puppies at home, then for a long time told me, ,I'd like to one particular female cubs to find the owner and the maker of the well-breeder tried to captivate me and my puppy I am still wondering pakkuda.Siis ,that it is not a good idea because the plan was for a few years after Germany male puppy bring, but the story was still open.

however 2007 May german shepherd puppies peaerinäituselt went over vaatama.Sel moment was to decide, he captured my heart at the first glance, when he put my camera bag and running. Estonia's best known kennel Estrellest, chose this puppy Estrellest D'Ohitika alias Alfa.Meil is a great flip, both in the gym, than just a wonderful time veetes.Plaanid a big dog sport, hope, that they will come true.

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Estrellest D'Ohitika 2007.

To invite appreciate the informal competitions KK, Another kuulekuskoolituse Trenne, I take the dogs out of their home and delivering training German Shepherds exhibitions.

I am Estonian German Shepherd Association, Estonian Kennel Union and Estonian Jack Russell Terrier Society member.

Kenneli Alfablitz registreerisin 2010 In juunis.Kennelnimi have been my first German Shepherd nickname “Alfa” (Latin alpha pack leader) and the German word “Blitz” ,which is the translation of lightning,thunderstorm, which reflects the nature and character of Alfa.

in 2014 added a new breed to our family, Jack Russell Terrier. this is because, it is one of the few small breeds, who I like and have no big dog in a small body, and this idea was considered the last 4a. In addition, he is well-trained and experienced julge.Samas situation, where space was at home as well as a little child needed his space, but I wanted a new dog who also actively attend exhibitions, with whom to engage more. Now we have a child together, Jack and inseparable, and the first thing when waking up or coming home need to play Amorega. Over time, we will see, as our family grows and the symbiosis of the Russell addition to exhibitions and obedience we will take.

My beloved Alfa left 23.09.2016 Our back from a serious illness After. This is the latest family pictures, which we did,.

August 2016
I'm trying to grow a full valuable German Shepherds and Jack russelleid,who are able to work and see the beautiful to the eye välja.Ennekõike But for me the most important dog health, then the performance and appearance of the end.
Have a habit of getting into dreams come true
Helen Järveots (Tähve), 2007.The initial text of a