Estonia's general Exhibition terminology:äituste-eeskiri-alates-1-1-2016.pdf

GSD (SLK Engl.) German Shepherd Dog Saksa lambakoer = German Shepherds (Ger.)
EN Association for German Shepherd Dogs e. V. (Ger.) – German Shepherd Dog Club in Germany
WUSV World German Shepherd clubs association
AKC American Kennel Club.
FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale (Fr.) – World canine organizations
“a”-foreign countries HD is a study done somewhere else than in Germany.
ED elbow dysplasia
HD Puusadüsplaasia study
“a” 1 HD normal -Parim puusadüslaasia can result in Germany.
“a” 2 HD fast normal – nearly normal hips.
“a” 3 HD yet approved – hips are accepted for breeding
CACIB To obtain a certificate for the international conformation champion
THESE Certificate FCI National shows
ZW breeding value (Ger.) The estimated breeding value. Used to help growers, paarituspartneri to make a choice on their study of the hip. The average is determined by 100. Each breeder should strive, that the offspring would be below 100. Further reading:
BSZS Federal Winner Show (Ger.) World Championship – The annual international exhibition of the German Shepherd Dog Show in Germany (winner)
IPO, IPO 1,2,3 International service dogs test, include trail work, obedience and protection. According to the first to the third highest level easier
WUSV World Shutzhundi German Shepherd Schutzhund competitions where the biggest races-over 100 national teams will compete each year
For example, breed (Ger.) Grade = Exhibition
VA VA Class (Ger.) Selected = excellent- Exhibit Grade, anatakse by the working class Sieger Shows
V excellent (Ger.) – great – The exhibition grade classroom instruction. Also SchH and IPO grade than the competition 96 points or more in the racing area
SG Very good (Ger.) – Very good. The highest possible grade in youth class exhibition or open class. Also SchH and IPO grade than the competition 90-95 points or more in the racing area.
G Gut (Ger.) – Hea (The exhibition and the work grade)
A Sufficient (Ger.) – sufficient ((The exhibition and the work grade)
M Inadequate (Ger.) – inadequate ((The exhibition and the work grade)
The unsatisfactory ((The exhibition and the work grade)
Puppy Class, kutsiklass Age groups show 4-6 months, 6-9 months, and 9-12 months
JKL Youth class (Ger.) = Junior class exhibition – age group 12-18 months
JHKL Jung Dog Class (Ger.) = Average grade / class youth exhibition- age group 18-24 months
GHKL Working class (Ger.) = Working Class – 2 aged and older dogs the performances (SchH1 less than or equal to the result). It is necessary to KKL result
dogs (Ger.) males,
females (Ger.) bitches
VP (VL Engl.) VP – very promising (Highest grade classes for puppies)
P (L Engl.) permissive (Puppy Class ranking)
NP Not promising- not promising (Puppy Class ranking)
by = by (Ger.) From the (prefix used kennels in Germany (which translates pärilt)
AD endurance test (Ger.) – durability Test, contains 9-16km length Itinerary bike. Körung needed for.
BH companion dogs (Ger.) prior Schutzhundile. Contains Ühiskonnakõlblikuse of obedience and urban traffic / temperament test.
licensing SV aretuskontroll. Körung goal is to select the best dogs, who own character, exterior and antoomia in terms of the best specimens, which maintain and improve the breed.
Kkl Körklasse – Aretuskontrolli klass. (Kkl1 or Kkl2). For breeding must be in SchH, HGH, or the result of the IPO, allowed puusadüsplaasia result of läbiud AD and exhibition grade of at least G.
Kkl1, EST-1 Kkl1 – A dog who is highly recommended for breeding
Kkl2, IS-2 Kkl2 – The dog is still suitable for bred (variations in the breed standard such as high low low, lack of teeth, construction or operation-related fault)
SchH, 1,2,3 Same, the IPO, however, the German club created by
HGH Herdengebrauchshund (Ger.) = Cattle Dog
PH police dog (Ger.) = Politseikoer
FH, FH1, FH2 tracks dog (Ger.) Daily pilot = trace
SAR Search and rescue or search and rescue
TSB Engines Vera Lung, Self-confidence and resilience (Ger.) = instincts, self-confidence and a dog's ability to cope with stressful situations- courage from, varrukakatse. The outcome "Pronounced,"" Sufficient "or “insufficient.”
T1, T2, T3 or T4 The dog is removed from further participation in the exhibition Sieger T given as a result of TSB. Any No shows, for what reason.
T1 Shows, that even if the dog demonsteeris TSB pronounced then the dog will not let go on command
T2 TSB available (Ger.) TSB "insufficient" - is not enough, to continue.
T3 TSB out of memory (Ger.) TSB "insufficient"
T4 Dog removed from competing in obedience or lack of control due to (3 attempt to walk toward the shadows fell through).
WT Borned (Ger.) Date =
FROM breeder (Ger.) Bred =
E Eigentomer (Ger.) Owner =
H Halter (Ger.) = holder
leader (Ger.) dealer
Ahnentafel (Ger.) Pedigree, Pedigree
father (Ger.) Sire (Isa)
mother (Ger.) Dam (mother)