German Shepherd breed

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds world. This breed has been bred consistently year 1899. German shepherd dog breeding, is the author of the idea Max von Stephanitz, which has set itself the goal to breed clever, strong, durable and loyal dog breed. Today the most common German Shepherd working dog in the world. He used to guard, transmitting, persecutory, salvation- and juhtkoerana. The German Shepherd is a highly intelligent, obedient and eager to learn. He is well taught and active dog. The German Shepherd dog is not a sofa, and therefore it is not suitable for every person.


German Shepherd few centuries long history began 19 the end of the century, the idea of ​​creating a strong, intelligent, the teachings of well-slave dog, to be used for livestock guarding and protecting. And not just to grow, but according to the breed standard. So far, there were livestock farmers use every dog, who showed up at the slightest skill to keep the flock. Used many different breeds of dogs, nor was it necessary to seek special abilities, and they are genetically transferable.

Rittmeister, cavalry captain Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz -universally recognized as “breed father / creator” – saw 1899. canine exhibition in Karlsruhe, visiting a herd dog, in whom she recognized these qualities, which had long been looking for: hereditary grazing- and learning, strong physique, dignity, intelligence and quickness.

V Horand of Grafrath (Hector Linksrhein)Horand of Grafrath SZ1

15. January he bought it three years isaskoera Hektor Linksrhein'i between Frankfurt koerakasvatajalt 200 mark for. Hector oligonucleotide ligi 61 cm turjakõrgusega, fine lines, directly to the noble beautiful sectional heads and a dignified-looking dog. He matched the banner, Von Stephanitz was created for its new breed: “Usability and Intelligence”. Stefanitz Hektorile gave another name, in his opinion, better suited to the animal thundering. Captain von Grafrath (Stephanitz farm close to the station name.) Horandist became the founder of the German Shepherd as a breed of dog, it was written with the pedigree number SZ1.

22. April 1899. Max von Stephanitz founded the Karlsruhe Sheep Dog Society, mis täna kannab nime club for German Shepherds (EN) ,This was the first president, and wrote the first standard. The first was transferred to SV pedigree Horand of Grafrath, who was the first officially registered German Shepherd.

1900_01 SGR Hektor von SchwabenHektor von Schwaben SZ13 Horand of Grafrathi poeg

Von Stephanitz led the association as, such as the one led by commander of its troops, assigning itself aretusmeistriks, judge, breed inspector and mediator of all German Shepherd. Great enthusiasm made him walk breeding. In addition, prior to his farm Horandit unknown origin Freya von Grafrathile, he began to look through Germany Horandi type of female dogs also Horandile mated and being very choosy, He often ran into severe difficulties. With careful selective breeding and inbreeding through, he created a line of dogs, corresponding to a standard. One of the lines was a successful actor Horandi son Hektor von Schwaben.

Daily aretusteaduses Max von Stephanitz was a great help to extensive knowledge in biology, that he had been serving in the army in Berlin veterinaarkolledþis.

He was convinced, in order to establish the origin of the breed- study and exhibition of the winners not only on the basis of, Therefore, he demanded, that all the litters to be registered in the register of the genetic basis for making. He advised farmers to couples choice in matters, warned, aretuskombinatsioone which should not be used. It also decided to, what dogs should not be allowed at all for breeding and sent all this information letters distributed to the members'. Von Stephanitz expected, and demanded compliance with the rules. He was never interested in beauty alone, it just so, in so far as it was related to a dog's character and working ability. he wanted to, German sheepdog that would be suitable to work immobilized quickness and strong physique. An excerpt from his written standard reads: “A pleasing appearance is a welcome, but it EI TOHI the dog's ability to work.” Von Stephanitz obviously was more interested in the brain, not the beauty of the breed.

Captain von Stephanitz worked tirelessly to improve the breed, and was looking for new areas, German Shepherd could be useful to people. Industrial development in the necessity for sheep herding dogs, and he found, that farmed canine intelligence had fallen. To fix the problem, he began to organize the Obedience competitions. In addition, a number of German Shepherd police donations began to materialize their usefulness as Police. Was set up in different areas of competition, such as grazing, police work and achievements of breeding. Interesting German Shepherd Shows increased, as well as membership in the SV.

Finally, also recognized the army of German Shepherd Dogs during. In the first world war dogs served many functions: They were the couriers, rescue, valve- ja patrullkoerad, signaling enemy. Also in other countries besides Germany had begun to make extensive use of German Shepherds. During the war against the animosity, which was associated with Germany, led to the renaming of the breed in England: designation “Alsatian” In some places that has remained until today.

After World War I, German shepherds famous and very popular. Unethical breeders, who began to export puppies abroad, bred without regard to the interests of the breed. Von Stephanitz set in Körung (licensing), where the dogs were examined and evaluated in depth, the results of which were granted on the basis of whether or dog was taken away, breeding. Steady improvement of the quality of the breed. Such as the German shepherd Rin-Tin-Tin and Strongheart bold action on movie screens across the United States created a huge demand “German Police Dogs” for. Soon arose “puppy factories”, filling demand, but selling is often questionable backgrounds, undernourished, carelessly bred and numerous physical and psychological defects dogs. Falsified pedigrees were commonplace. These breeders had only thought of money, popular breed could earn. Unfortunately, this practice is quite common today in many places.

If the 1930 Nazism spread throughout Germany, von Stephanitz was difficult to continue managing the SV many SV members – Due to the Nazi -vahelesegamise. he gave up 1935. year.

22. April 1936, SV anniversary of the establishment of a 37-l, Max von Stephanitz suri.

SV has continued to Captain von Stephanitz, breeding quality dogs and the introduction of new methods to improve the breed. One such program began 1971 January: dog ear tattooing and the same number on the hip and insuring picture, to ensure the prevention of counterfeiting. In August 1968 Germany had Hip Dysplasia Program: x-raying and recorded thousands of dogs, assessing their hip phenotype and allowing or disallowing animal breeding. All German Shepherds, who tied for the German winner of the main exhibition (winner) the title, must hold düsplaasiahinnet “a”, SchH2 results and dog, both parents must be at least SchH1 training result. Today, the Germans have taken another step forward and put Hip index (“breeding value”), based on the older dogs, siblings and offspring of the hip joint survey results. Time will tell, whether this program will constantly fight against the disease that causes paralysis.



Jack Russell Terrier is a big dog in a small dog's body. Om Jrt Elwalumuline, courageous, tireless, good-humored and stubborn dog, After an excellent companion for active people of the same temperament.

To, one that Russell would be happy and calm, He wants both the mental and physical work. Russell likes the attention and addressing all forms of cooperation, and she enjoys the family man. You can go hunting with him, both as a practice of various dog sports. He is very cooperative and quick learning ability, but because of his ingenuity to be taken into account, that he often likes to do things our way. With its energetic and fearless nature with Russell on the other hand is a very sensitive and telepathic dog – He lets himself clearly interfere with the host, resentment, and the wheel could have sincerely glad, if you can master a good mind to prepare. Russell encourages a family member to act, scares bad mood and boredom, and means, that you've found its a really great and loyal friend.


Jack Russell Terrier originated in 1800 in England. Pastor John "Jack" Russell was an avid hunter, who needed a good beagles. After Oxford, he met with the milk man, who was a rough-haired dog Trump terjeritüüpi. Pastor bought the dog, and it is considered to be the same Trump`i Jack Russell Terrier breed “mother”.

Hunter pastor's goal was to breed dogs, who would fit in well foxhole and fearless nature,. Therefore, the first appearance of the dog, he does a lot of attention in, the main criteria were the will to work, white color, and size of the hole.

White color preference was due to the fact, the dark white dog well visible hunter and a gun in the man more easily distinguishable from targeted prey. Pastor watched the breeding of dogs and their bite and coat - Russell's teeth and jaws must be strong enough, to catch the animal in the face of a dog would be able to defend itself and burrow being sucked through the land-all down to the roots. The coat had to be tight and waterproof, either rough or smooth. Russell tail cropped u.10 cm jupiks, which was, if necessary, a good grip when it was necessary to raise the dog burrow.

Jack Russell Terrier to hunt for the fox or raccoon dog burrow out of confusion, and, where appropriate, withholding, but without damaging the prey. It was bred breed is very well prepared for the task, because of his fearless character and firm physique make him "a big dog in a small package".

Russell initially had a higher leg, foxterrierit slightly resemble dogs. Pastor tried to breed from rather rough coated dogs because Flatcoats afraid of dogs are inherited excessive bulldogiverd, But what makes hunting dog too bloodthirsty. Later - after the death of the pastor - used in future as breeders bulldoge, bullterrjereid kui ka Beagle. If you went way betting "play" manner rotitapmiste organization, began to make greater use of dogs bulldogiverega. Moreover sworn Russells another breeder, Arthur's death in Heineman`i 1933, Pastor Russell losses allegedly originally bred lines.

England, formed in 1970 del Working Terrier Club. This companion was originally concentrated in the higher and shorter Jalgsema "working" grow terriers breeders. True fans of Russell's thought Jack Russell Terriers, however, only a tall dogs, which led to the emergence of serious disagreements between the seltskondade. America, however, had just become popular in the lower leg, and Russell both England and America was formed two separate camps, who are both trying to use their "terjeritõugu" to become the official breed.

1990.England finally admitted in Parson Jack Russell Terrier Kenneliit Club kõrgemajalgse following an application of Russell's version of pedigree. But the good fortune finally smiled for the lower leg and a longer back Terriers, who was an official breed in January 2000. Thanks for that we owe the Australian breeders, because only thanks to their many years of work became a Jack Russell Terrier Purebred. in 2015 Jack Russel Terrier in England was declared the official breed the original breeder, Pastor J.Russell'i homeland - England - by. Separate hence the strains recognized as two different breeds – Parson Jack Russell Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier.